About Cabot's

About Cabot's

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Cabot's Timber Finishes are the leading woodcare products in Australia. We manufacture with pride a comprehensive range of stains, varnishes, clear finishes, oils, paints and polishes for the preservation and beautification of your timber at home.

Whether you are oiling your deck, staining and varnishing a cabinet, clear finishing a floor or painting exterior weatherboards, Cabot's will help you achieve a professional finish from an easy to choose range of products and detailed information on how to do the job properly.

Our History

Samuel Cabot was a European trained chemist, who patented "certain new and useful improvements in Process for the Preservation of Wood", established the Cabot's brand in Massachusetts, USA in 1877. Today, Cabot Inc. USA, continues to develop industry-leading woodcare products with the same principles in place as its originating founder.

The Cabot's brand has been active in Australia since 1962 when Kenneth H. Brock & Sons Pty. Ltd acquired the licence to distribute the brand. It was one colour, adopted by architects, that gave Cabot's its Australian breakthrough in the late 1960's and throughout the 1970's. Mission Brown was a Cabot's (Australia) invention and it changed the face of Australian suburbia.

During the 1990's the licence for the brand was acquired by ICI Australia (now DuluxGroup). Cabot's Premium Woodcare Brands, part of DuluxGroup, manages and markets the Cabot's brand throughout Australia.

Since its arrival in Australia, Cabot's has steadily increased its share to the point that, today, it is the market leading woodcare brand in the DIY market in Australia. Innovation, quality and service continue to drive Cabot's success. It is the first choice for people who wish to protect and enhance the natural beauty of their timber.