Get your outdoor area ship-shape this summer

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It's the new year and no doubt the summer season has taken its toll on your outdoor space. UV exposure, high temperatures and increased footfall can leave your outdoor timber looking a little worse for wear. However, the days of BBQs and relaxing on your deck aren’t over just yet so it’s important to still give it a little TLC this month.

Here are our top three tips for bringing your outdoor space back to life.

Renew decking with Cabot’s Deck and Exterior Stain

Cabot’s Deck and Exterior stains are saviours for timber – particularly previously stained lighter varieties – that has faded over the summer months. Their high pigmentation helps to return your deck to its original, deep colour after just a simple restain. They’re also a great way to completely change up the look and feel of your outdoor space, for example, by applying a darker stain to pine, which creates the illusion of a more expensive looking timber.

And because both our water and oil-based varieties offer a high level of UV protection, you’ll create a look that will last.

Refresh exteriors with Timbercolour Deck & Exterior Paint

It might seem like a major undertaking, but we’d really recommend tackling tired exteriors before the colder weather sets in. Using Cabot’s quick-drying Timbercolour Deck & Exterior Paint can help to significantly speed up the process; with no need for a primer, the chosen colour can be applied directly to timber, masonry, brick work and concrete – becoming touch dry after just 30 minutes and requiring just a two-hour period in between coatings.

For weathered timber, be sure to fill cracks or holes and give surfaces a light sand to ensure the paint takes properly. Likewise, if you’re working with painted surfaces, scrape off any loose or flaking paint, before sanding.

Other surfaces require a little more attention. Ensure they are sound by filling any visible holes with grouting cement and then use water and a stiff brush to remove all loose material to improve the surfaces. To remove white salts, simply wipe down with a 5% solution of white vinegar, then hose with water and allow to dry. It’s also worth using a bleach solution ahead of painting to prevent any existing mould or moss becoming embedded in the material.



Protect outdoor furniture with Garden Furniture Oil

Garden furniture is a huge contributing factor in terms of creating a cohesive look for your outdoor space, so make sure you don’t neglect it.

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to give your outdoor timber furniture the once over with our Garden Furniture Oil. Not only does it penetrate the timber to create a protective barrier against the build-up of mould and dirt, but it also acts as a durable acrylic layer that highlights your furniture’s natural colour for a traditional finish.

By following these simple tips, your outdoor space will look as good as it did on the very first day; recoloured, renewed, and reinforced to withstand whatever weather this season might bring.