How to clean red/orange dust off your timber deck

Recent rain in some states has been heavily contaminated with red/orange dust. What’s the best way to clean this dust off your exterior timber deck, outdoor furniture, patio or cladding? If your pride and joy is a little dusty, never fear, Cabot’s is here to help.

Cabot’s Everyday Deck Wash is the perfect solution to your dusty deck. Our easy to use, pleasantly fragrant Cabot’s Everyday Deck Wash will help to remove dust and dirt, without removing any protective decking oil or decking stain.


How to remove dust, dirt and bird droppings from your deck using Cabot’s Everyday Deck Wash;

  1. Shake contents before use.
  2. Hose down timber surface, ensuring surface is damp prior to any application of Cabot’s Everyday Deck Wash.
  3. Add one part Cabot’s Everyday Deck Wash to ten parts water in a Cabot’s Deck Hand™ bucket. Mix well to ensure foam is created.
  4. Apply solution generously to the timber with Cabot’s Deck Prep brush. Scrub vigorously.
  5. Leave the solution on the timber for 10-20 minutes. Do not allow to dry on surface.
  6. Rinse off the surface with water using a high pressure or garden hose. Heavily soiled or very dirty timber may require repeat application. If using a high-pressure hose or power washer, use the lowest setting to avoid damaging the timber.
  7. PLEASE NOTE: For horizontal surfaces (your deck), use a squeegee to remove the pools of water from the deck surface. If the pools remain on the deck and dry, it is likely some dirt will remain. The built in squeegee on the back of the Cabot’s Deck Prep brush is perfect for removing pools of water from the surface of your deck. 

We would not recommend using Cabot’s Deck Clean for removing this dust. Cabot’s Deck Clean is an Oxalic acid base and is specially designed to prepare your deck for oiling or staining.


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