Why is my deck still sticky/tacky?

 Decking oils can take up to  7 days to fully cure. However, ‘cure’ does not mean ‘stay tacky’ in this instance. Oils staying tacky for longer than a few days is uncommon and can be caused by several different circumstances.

  1. The porosity of the timber can significantly affect the drying time. If the timber is very dense (Spotted Gum for example) the second coat can take longer to dry and stay tacky for some time.
  2. Humidity will also elongate the drying time, this is due to the higher moisture content in the air preventing the oil from drying as it normally would. Our drying times are quoted at 25 degrees Celsius and 50% humidity and are a guide only.
  3. Another common reason for oils taking longer to dry is application thickness. If the oil is applied too thickly, it will take much longer to dry. To prevent this, always dab off the applicator pad (it shouldn’t be dripping too much) before applying pad to the deck. Rest assured your deck will dry and cure, it just make take a little longer than expected.

To rectify a sticky/tacky deck (wait at least 7 days before taking this measure), apply one thin coat of your decking oil to the entire surface of the deck. Ensure that conditions are optimal and that no rain is forecast for at least the next 24 hours. This thin coat should dry and remove the sticky sensation from the deck.


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