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How to fight the signs of an ageing deck?

How to fight the signs of an ageing deck

Greying, rough edges, and cracks. Ageing happens to the best of us – your deck included. Exposed to beating sun, high UV and driving rain, decks need regular maintaining to extend their life. We know you’ve got enough on your to-do list, but a bit of TLC every spring will give your deck an extended lease on life, and mean there’s less work for you to do in the long run.

You need to follow a yearly three-step maintenance routine on your deck, but if you’ve noticed your timber has splinters, cracks, funghi, mould, or is losing its colour, it’s time to give your deck some immediate attention.


Scrubbing your timber will get rid of degraded timber fibres and dirt. Mix Cabot’s Deck Clean with water and scrub with Cabot’s Deck Scrub Broom. This will eliminate mould, and revitalise grey, weathered and soiled timber. It will give the deck a smooth finish so it’s ready for a new coat of decking oil.


Once the deck is clean and dry, apply Cabot’s Aquadeck to keep the timber nourished and protected. Highly durable, and lightly pigmented, this water-based decking oil enhances and protects the natural look of timber. And, it lasts twice as long as oil-based decking oils – meaning less work for you. Use a brush to cut in around the edges of the deck, then apply to two or three or boards at a time, using a lambswool applicator to ensure there are no streaks, lines or blend marks.


Allow an hour for the first coat to dry, then repeat the process to ensure timber really looks refreshed. Wait at least eight hours before putting furniture back on the deck. Enjoy the summer liberally.

Make life easier

We’re all about an easy life, and Cabot’s Deck Hand Bucket makes working on your deck stress-free.

The world’s first deck bucket, it’s made specially to fit decking cleaners, oils, stains and applicators. It has a drainage tray which can be flipped up or down for the preparation and oiling phases. The pouring lip ensures leftover product can be poured back in the can without wastage. It even has a footwell so you can slide it easily across the deck when you’re using it, so it’s close by. Too easy.

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