Cabot's Clean & Care Wipes

Bring your deck to life – with one quick wipe! Cabot’s Clean & Care Wipes have been specifically formulated to clean and nourish at the same time, meaning you can refresh and renew your timber decking with one handy wipe! Each resealable pack comes with 15 thick and strong wipes, dual-sided with cleaning nodules to remove even the toughest dirt and grime on timber with ease.
  • Areas
    All exterior timber including decking, BBQ trolleys & benches, Timber garden furniture
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Preparation No preparation necessary! Use the Clean and Care Wipes to clean up mess on your exterior timber.

1. Simply open the resealable lid, peel back the sticker slowly and remove wipe

2. Clean off dust, dirt and grime, using the nodule side on stubborn stains

3. Finish by wiping along the grain

4. Re-seal pack immediately after use to prevent the wipes from drying out

5. Dispose of the wipe in the rubbish bin.

NOTE: Excessive dirt may require the use of more than one wipe


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