Cabot's Deck Coat

Cabot’s Deck Coat is all you need to get the job done! The ingenious Deck Coat Applicator makes the decking process faster, easier and more effective. An interchangeable pole can be clicked on and off, while the Cabot's Deck Prep and the Deck Coat Lambswool Sleeve slides off and is interchange with the Cabot's Deck Sander. Deck Coat offers a swivel head for coating at different angles and comes with an easy-to-load replacement Deck Sleeve and self-release opening and closing latch – genius!
  • Areas
    All exterior decking projects
  • Sizes
Preparation Replace the Deck Coat with Cabot's Deck Prep to prepare your surface before coating.
Application Apply your Cabot's decking product of choice using the Deck Coat. The easily replaceable lambswool sleeve can be swapped over if a fresh applicator is needed to complete a new project.

Available sizes