Cabot's Deck Hand Bucket

This ain't no ordinary bucket! The Cabot's Deck Hand is the perfect multi-use bucket for people who are looking for a hassle-free solution when refreshing their decking. Specifically created to accommodate decking cleaners, oils, stains and applicators, it’s the perfect size and shape for the job at hand. You can thank us later!
  • Areas
    All exterior decking projects
  • Sizes

1. Flip down the drainage tray.

2. Following measurement increments on the inside of the bucket, fill with 1 part Cabot's Deck Clean to 4 parts water.


1. Flip drainage tray up.

2. Pour desired amount of product into the Deck Hand.

3. Use drainage tray to remove excess product from your decking applicator.

During application use the foot well to easily maneuver the Deck Hand across the deck to keep it close to your application area.


Available sizes