Cabot's Floor Clean

Get those timber floors looking their sparkling best with this handy all-purpose floor cleaner. It’s special formulation has been designed to act as a fast-acting cleaner, cutting through grease and grime. Ideal for use before preparing timber for a coat, or for rejuvenating and prolonging the life of your timber floor coatings.
  • Water Wash Up
  • Areas
    Cork, MDF interior flooring., Parquetry, Solid timber
  • Clean Up
  • Sizes
  • Coverage
    60 M2/L
  • Safety Data Sheet
Preparation Cabot's Floor Clean should not be used on fresh coatings that are less than 72 hours old. Ensure the surface has been cleaned with a duster or dust mop prior to using Cabot's Floor Clean to ensure loose particles of dirt are removed.
Apply with Floor mop

1. Add approximately 50mls of Cabot's Floor Clean concentrate to 4 litres of water.

2. Apply Cabot's Floor Clean to the floor with a mop to loosen grime and dirt. Do not flood the floor with cleaning solutions. Return excess solution to a bucket and allow the floor to dry.

NOTE: Floor may be slippery while wet. For Extra Dirty Floors Increase the amount of Cabot's Floor Clean concentrate to 100ml to 4L of water.

For Black Heel Marks Use Cabot's Floor Clean direct from bottle onto a rag and rub gently (rubber gloves should be worn).

NOTE: Cabot's Floor Clean will not remove coatings.


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