Cabot's Floor Polish

Cabot's Floor Polish is the easiest way to restore, enhance and protect timber flooring. The simple mop on solution prolongs the life of timber coatings and is designed specifically for coated timber, parquetry and cork floors.
  • Water Wash Up
  • Areas
    Cork, MDF Interior Flooring, Solid Timber, Parquetry
  • Clean Up
  • Sizes
  • Coverage
    60 M2/L
  • Safety Data Sheet
Preparation Cabot's Floor Polish should only be applied to a dry and well cured surface (a new coating should be atleast 4 weeks old). Ensure the surface is thoroughly cleaned with Cabot's Floor Clean prior to using Cabot's Floor Polish.
Apply with Mop, Sponge

IMPORTANT: Do not shake before use

1. Apply Cabot's Floor Polish undiluted with a sponge mop or Cabot's Lambswool applicator. Avoid introducing bubbles when applying and do not allow pools of liquid to form.

2. Allow the surface to dry for 1 hour.

3. Repeat application if a higher gloss level is desired.

Wash your floor regularly using Cabot's Floor Clean to remove dirt and grime. When the surface looks worn, recoat with Cabot's Floor Polish as a regular maintenance solution. If required, old layers of the polish may be stripped off using ammonia-based floor strippers (carefully following manufacturer's instructions).

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