Cabot's Hose On Deck Clean

Cabot’s Hose On Deck Clean’s innovative nozzle offers a time saving alternative to the traditional cleaning process. The easy to use nozzle accurately premixes Cabot’s Hose On Deck Clean and water, removing the need to manually dilute the cleaner. Simply attach your hose – and away you go! This essential preparation product cleans and rejuvenates new and old exterior timber surfaces when applied prior to a top coat of oil, stain, paint or exterior varnish. Designed to revitalise and clean grey, weathered and soiled timber, it also removes naturally occurring tannins from new timber.
  • Areas
    BBQ trolleys & benches, Decking, Exterior, Decking, Garden furniture, Timber garden furniture
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    10 M2/L
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All Timber 

Remove excessive dirt and oil contamination with hot soapy water using a stiff broom or brush. Hose area clean with water. Precaution: Protect plants, bushes, metal and paint work that are not to be cleaned, with plastic sheets. Rinse off immediately and thoroughly if contact occurs.


1. Shake contents before use.

2. Ensure cap is switched to OFF, connect hose to hose on cap. You will need to have a click-on hose connector.

3. Turn on tap first, then turn cap to RINSE, water will spray out. Adjust tap water pressure until a uniform spray is produced. Hose down timber surface ensuing surface is damp.

4. Turn cap to CLEAN, water will mix automatically with the cleaner and spray out.

5. Wearing appropriate PPE, walk and spray the deck at a steady pace while slowly sweeping the spray from side to side. Bottle should empty within a few minutes of spraying depending on water pressure. Keep bottle upright, do not point at the ground and avoid tilting sharply into the air. Apply product generously to the deck.

6. Switch cap to OFF. Then, scrub vigorously with Cabot’s Deck Prep broom.

7. Leave the solution on the timber for 10-20 minutes. Avoid allowing to dry out by switching cap to CLEAN to apply more product to the deck.

8. Switch cap to RINSE and rinse off the surface with water. Severely stained decks may need an additional treatment, more vigorous scrubbing or a power washer.


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If you are unsure on how much product you need, please use our product calculator. Please note minimum length/width value is 1 metre and maximum is 50 metres.

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