Cabot's New Timber Prep

Cabot’s New Timber Prep is designed to remove tannins and oils from bare, new timber surfaces to allow for immediate coating. New Timber Prep skips the recommended timber weathering period of four to six weeks for new timber, allowing you to get stuck in straight away. Always follow Cabot’s New Timber Prep with Cabot’s Deck Clean.
  • Water Wash Up
  • Areas
    Exterior, Decking
  • Clean Up
  • Sizes
    2L, 4L
  • Coverage
    10 M2/L
  • Safety Data Sheet
Preparation Protect plants, bushes, metal and paint work that are not to be cleaned, with plastic sheets. Rinse off immediately and thoroughly if contact occurs. Hose down timber surface, ensuring surface is damp prior to any application of Cabot's New Timber Prep.

1. Shake contents before use.

2. Apply New Timber Prep generously undiluted to the timber surface with Cabot's Deck Prep brush. Do not spot clean.

NOTE: New Timber Prep is very slippery. Take care when walking on treated surface. 3. Leave new timber prep on the timber for 10-15 minutes. If necessary, apply more New Timber Prep to keep timber damp during this 10-15 minute period. Do not allow New Timber Prep to dry on the surface.

4. Scrub the surface with Cabot's Deck Prep brush. Do not use a wire brush.

5. Rinse off timber surface with a garden hose or power washer, use the lowest setting to avoid damaging the timber. NOTE: Ensure New Timber Prep is fully washed from the surface as failure to do so may result in timber discolouration under transparent or semi-transparent finishes.

6. While timber is still damp, clean timber with Cabot's Deck Clean following label instructions.

Always use Deck Clean after New Timber Prep.


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