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Interior and exterior timber protection for the perfect finish
Whether you’re stepping out on to a smooth timber deck, or wiping down a perfectly polished wood benchtop, there’s nothing quite like the feel and look of beautifully maintained timber. But timber needs regular care to keep it looking smooth, evenly coloured, and splinter-free. From specially formulated wood cleaners, to timber sealer and exterior timber protection, Cabot’s caters for all your timber’s needs.

Interior Timber
Perfect timber finishes come from proper preparation. From Cabot’s interior Floor Clean to our Woodtone Putty we have all tools you need to fill and prep your interior timber before coating it.
Our range of clear polyurethane timber sealers are highly durable, hard wearing, and fast drying. Designed to protect as well as enhance the natural grain of your timber, there are specially formulated products for timber and laminate floors, benchtops and interior furniture and trims.
If you’re after some colour on your interior timber, our range of oil and water-based stains and varnishes provide colour and shine, without hiding the natural grain of the wood. And because we know that accidents happen, we even have a Touch Up Stain Pen that seals and hides chips and scratches in an instant. Giving you perfect timber finishes, fast.

Timber accents
Adding timber accents to your home’s interior can bring warmth to a room without overwhelming it. Whether it’s a perfectly polished benchtop, or furniture that shows off a beautiful timber grain, touches of wood can soften modern designs and add character to more traditional settings. Cabot’s range of interior stains, oils, varnishes and polishes and varnishes will highlight your statement pieces perfectly.