How to Prolong The Life of Your Timber Floor Coating

What to use: Cabot’s Floor Polish

Why you should use it: If you’ve got timber floors at home, chances are they may not be looking as good as they were when first installed. That’s where Cabot’s comes in! Cabot’s Floor Polish is designed to restore, enhance and protect your timber floors, bringing them back to their very best and prolonging their life for years to come.

How they work: Cabot’s Floor Polish leaves a layer of polish on timber floor coatings to help resist scratches and prolong the life of your floor.

Get Started

Before you get cracking, give your floors a good clean with a duster or dust mop to ensure there are no large and loose dirt particles still adhering to it. You want a nice, clean, dust-free surface to work with.
Add approximately 50mls of Cabot’s Floor Clean concentrate to 4 litres of water – if the floor is extremely dirty you may need to use 100mls for every 4 litres of water.
Apply Cabot's Floor Clean to the floor with a mop to loosen grime and dirt. If there are pools of water on the floor, soak them up with the mop first so the timber isn’t flooded. To remove stubborn, dirty marks, pour a small amount of Cabot's Floor Clean on to a soft cloth and rub the mark gently. Rubber gloves should be worn while you do all this. Make sure the floor is fully dry before progressing to the next step.
Cabot’s Floor Polish should only be applied to timber coating that is at least four weeks old. Do not shake the bottle before use. With a clean, dry sponge mop or Cabot's Lambswool Applicator, apply the polish. To avoid creating bubbles, don’t use too much liquid in one go – and don’t allow pools of liquid to form on the timber. If this happens, soak up any extra liquid with the mop.
Allow time for the product to dry – ideally an hour – before walking on it. If you want a glossier finish, apply an extra coat.

And you’re done! Voila – your floor is back to it’s sparkling best!