How to Transform your Timber Deck with Deck & Exterior Stain Oil Based

What to use: Cabot's Oil Based Deck & Exterior Stain

Why you should use it:Forget reapplying again and again – Cabot's Oil Based Deck & Exterior Stain is an oil-enriched formula that protects you timber from the most damaging environmental factors, highlighting the wood’s natural beauty and extending the life of your exterior timber.

How it works:Cabot's Oil Based Deck and Exterior Stain is designed to rejuvenate and transform the colour of all exterior timber, this exterior stain delivers a long lasting, beautiful result.

Get Started

Depending on your project, You might also need:
● Cabot’s New Timber Prep
● Sander
● Paint Stripper

Before you get started, there are a few things you’ll need to do first – preparation is key!
Preparing the surface properly before you begin allows the oil to glide on smoothly for even coverage. Depending on the surface you’re oiling, there are several ways to get your timber ready:

New Bare Timber: First up, scrub damp timber with Cabot’s New Timber Prep to draw out tannins and oils from the surface. Then, use Cabot’s Deck Clean according to the instructions on the pack. Remove excess water with the squeegee on Cabot’s Deck Prep brush and allow the timber to dry for at least one hour.

Previously Painted or Varnished Timber: Sand or use a paint stripper to remove any old coatings, then, for exterior surfaces, clean with Cabot’s Deck Clean, following the label’s instructions.

Previously Stained and Oiled Timber: Clean with Cabot’s Deck Clean. Test if the surface is ready for coating by sprinkling water onto the timber. If the water ‘beads’ on the surface, more sanding is required. If the water soaks into the timber, it’s ready to be coated with decking oil.

Weathered and Grey Timber: First, sand back to fresh timber, then clean with Cabot’s Deck Clean. Fill any holes and imperfections with a suitable timber putty after applying the first coat, and you’re good to go.

Stir Cabot’s Oil Based Deck & Exterior Stain thoroughly with a broad flat paddle before and during use. With the Cabot's Deck Coat Applicator, apply the product liberally along the length of the board, including exposed edges and the ends of each board.
After you’re finished applying, leave your deck to dry for 18 hours before applying a second coat. Wait another 16 hours and it’s ready to walk on. Too easy!
And you’re done! Now all that’s left is to pull out those deck chairs, pour yourself a refreshing drink and get out into the sunshine.