How to Upcycle a Side Table!



Step 1. Find that special something that needs a little TLC!

Step 2. Most timber restorations require sanding & I’d recommend using an orbital & corner sander. Start at a rough & tough 80 grit then work your way up to 240 grit for a nice smooth finish. The smoother you go the better your stain & varnish will look.

Step 3. Cut your half dowels to size before using a sturdy wood glue to secure them to the drawer front. Clamps down & let them dry! If your dowels are a little uneven, once they are glued down you can then use a saw to trim & even them up. Sand back any splinters that occurs here. TIP: Cut the dowels slightly longer that your draw to create a finger pull opening!

Step 4. To tint the wood colour use Cabot's Interior Stain product. I’d recommend the water based in a matt finish. I went with the walnut here to darken & completely transform the pine. The stain is easily applied with a cotton rag. Use a liberal amount & evenly rub into the wood surface. Depending on the colour strength you desire you can give it a 2nd coat. 

Step 5. Once the stain is dry apply Cabot's Cabothane Clear water based varnish, also in a matt finish. Apply this using a soft brush in long even strokes across the wood surface. Wait two hours & apply your 2nd coat. TIP: If there are any visible brush strokes use a 360 grit sanding block to smooth back after each coat.

Step 6. Try enhancing the look with some fresh new hairpin legs. 

Step 7. Voila! Time to style & admire your finished project!