The benefits of choosing sustainable timber

Using timber and doing your bit against deforestation may seem at odds with each other. Yet beautiful, strong and durable timber doesn’t need to come at the expense of the environment. In fact, by sourcing the right sustainable timber for your home, you’ll not only be supporting an ecologically responsible industry – you’ll be using timber that carries all the unique characteristics of the land which cultivated it.

What is sustainable timber?

Sustainable timber means timber that has been harvested responsibly and from a sustainably managed forest. This means once a tree is cut down, it is replaced by another one. As well as replacing the tree, responsible harvesting also refers to protecting the biodiversity and wildlife of the forest. In Australia, for timber to be considered sustainably sourced, it must come from a certified sustainable forest.

The benefits of choosing responsibly sourced timber:

  • The right wood helps tackle climate change: Whereas standard logging results in fewer trees to absorb carbon; sustainable forests ensure that an equal number of young trees are replacing the older trees being harvested.
  • Wood is a natural insulator: By choosing sustainable timber, you’re not just making a one-off good choice for the environment, you’ll be dramatically reducing your energy consumption – and saving on your energy bills to boot!
  • Fast & efficient to build with: Compared to other construction materials, a wood-frame is far easier to erect and cheaper to maintain. For outdoor projects, working with timber is not dependent on the weather, and by treating it properly, your timber will be protected against the elements.


Protect your timber & increase its longevity by using Cabot’s

Once your project is done, make sure your timber is looking its best and is protected with Cabot’s. Whether you’re working with lighter or darker timber, for an indoor or outdoor space, our range of oils, stains and finishes are designed to protect against natural causes of wood corrosion such as moisture, mould and UV. With the right care and product, your timber will last for years to come.