Cabot's Deck Services

Cabot's Deck Services

Services Offered

From deck oiling and staining, to full timber deck restoration, maintenance and finishing, Cabot’s has you covered. Book a free, no obligation quote with one of our accredited craftsman to discuss the right solution for you.


Create a clean slate for your deck. We’ll remove all previous decking oil or stain from your deck’s surface. We then prepare the timber and apply 2 or 3 coats of your chosen oil or stain to ensure your deck looks the way you want it.


In Australia’s harsh climate, decking maintenance is essential to help ensure your decks structural longevity. Cabot’s DECK REFRESH involves a thorough clean of your deck and the application of your chosen finish to help protect your deck and keep it looking great.

Your Decking Professionals

Australians love the great outdoors and our decks are where we enjoy it most. Whether it be BBQs and gatherings with family and friends, or lazy afternoons spent lounging outside. Sometimes though, there just isn’t enough time in the day for jobs like oiling or staining your deck.


That’s where Cabot’s come in. They are experts in decking maintenance, timber deck restoration and exterior timber protection. We only use quality machinery and products to ensure a great result for your deck. That means less on your to-do list, and more time to enjoy living life outdoors.

A Range of Decking Finishes

Cabot’s is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of timber finishes. This means we offer a wide range of finishing options for your timber deck.


Whether you want to coat your decking for protection and added durability, bring out it’s natural beauty, or change colour for a new and stylish impact to your outdoor area, we’re here to help.